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tv   [untitled]    July 13, 2015 5:00am-5:31am PDT

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and thanks for helping san francisco stay safe. the official time according to my phone is 1003 so at any rate would the secretary call the roll >> commissioner buell, here. commissioner low, here. commissioner buneea, here, commissioner harrison, here. commissioner levten, here and commissionermic dawnal has a excused absence. item 8 the jeffson square shadow impact at 9 fifen 0 golf street is off calendar and will not be heard today, it will be heard oat the july 3rd commission meeting. just as a note if you can turn off sound producing items that can go off during the meeting and ask you take secondary
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conversations to go outside. if you would like to speak on a item today we request you complete a blue card, you do not have to. i will call names in the order received. you will have 3 minutes to comment on each item. if you would like to comabout rant on a item that is under recreation and park division not on the calendar today you can comment on item 4 which is public comnlt and that is continued on item 10. if you comment on 4 you cannot comment again on item 10. when you address your public comments please address the commission and note the commission will not be answering any questions to allow equal time for all they may ask questions of staff
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after public comment is closed. so with that we are on titem 2, the presidents report. mrs. prosedant >> just one item and think this is preliminary announcement the july 16 meeting will start at 9 a.m. those interested in the july meeting, 9 o'clock >> is there public comment on this item? being none public comsent closed. item 3 general managers report. thank you. >> good mornic commissioner. summer is aus and the nba season is over and the warriors are the champs. camp maither is in session and have a fon of great things in the parks over the months. including pride
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[inaudible] the scurn grove fest vltvilles and out door lands in august. we also have the sentenial celebration at sieving center plaza tomorrow night. here are other highlights. today that thiss very moment the fences are coming down at the deloris park after much needed ren ovation of the northern half thmpt renovation includes new restrooms, ren ovateive tennis and basical ball court [inaudible] new dog play areas, [inaudible] improvedire gaelgz park communities from munch tonight community groups stepped up up to help change it culture of behavior at the park. we love the excitement a sunny at deloris brins we don't love what is left after park
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users leechb t. cost taxpayers 750,000 theres every year to help clean up trash. we urge people to by composting recycle and take out the trash using restrooms and leaving no trash. you can learn more about going 250 love or take a personal pledge >> student love deloris park. i hope to see you this afternoon to look at the new amenities and show your dance moves. today includes a silence disd'errico. the second phase of the ren ovation project on the south side of the park will immediately begin. 2 weeks from now is pride and the annual women on
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women dodge ball is a hit and this years event is tomorrow at 7:30 p.m. it is fun filled evening featureing fast pace hard hitting actions and the sisters of perpetual indullgence. last week in partner shb with maerb scores bay area we [inaudible] we'll also broadcast the semy finals on the 30 and final july 5. on the screen people can get their faces painted scrimmage on soccer courts and take part in the soccer skills activities. the u.s.womanen who won their match last-tuesday against nigeria and i have the prevolog
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to be there will face columbia monday. it is a big day a at the commission for womens sports as the girls in orange attest. as lookal hops fans celtbrate the warriors 36 season of the san francisco proamsummer basical ball league kicks off this week. for the past 35 years basical ball fans enjoyed watching pro's in a entertaining brand of basical ball. the league run is from june threw august and features evening games monday through thursday for men and saturday afternoon for the women. the best part is emission price t is free. flock to the games to see high flying dunk pas and maybe a nba expert. i do
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recall nob nub par ticipated in a cezar proammatch a couple years ago, correct? thank you. >> could you hold up. can we get everyone to please take a seat? thank you. >> back to the sf proam, you check out the schedule and roster at san francisco proamdot com. save the date for annual william hamened hall award. we we'll cohost the 7th [inaudible] wenss day july 15 at 3:30 the annual awards voig the men and women who work day and in and to make the parks beautiful. we'll have more information in the next few weeks. now, for the recognition portion of the gm
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report. i'm so incredbly proud to introduce to coach rocky and sf bay socks. coach if you can bring yourp players. this is a very special group of athletes and want you to meet them. a few weeks ago this group of 12 young women-can you queue up the laep top. there we go. these 12 amazing young women base ball players traveled across the country to orlando florida to compete in the first ever base ball for all national girls base ball. featuring the tougherest athletes 10 to 13. the san francisco bay socks
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competed against 11 teams compiled a record of 6 and 1 make tg to the semy final game against the florida rays and finishing 3rd place in the country. this event brought together the past and present and promoted the future with female base ball pioneers includingmy bell bear and [inaudible] chelsy baker [inaudible] served as captain of the base ball team. we are so proud of these young women. so proud of coach rockgy alex and also to all the parents who gave us your kids, trusted us with your kids for this incredible journey. i had the honor of watching them play. i
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flew to orlando and saw their first match and it was inspiring. commissioners these kids can flat out play and derve every opportunity compete on a base ball diened not soft ball but base ball with everyone else. 100 thousand girls play unsome form of coed little league icross the country, by the time they get to high school less than a thousand are still playing. these women proved they earned a pot on the diamond to complete with anyone who is willing foopick up a base ball glove and bat and i'm so incredbly proud of you guys. come on up rock and say a few words. >> thank you phil. i get emotional also. thank you for
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having us this morning. this is a special day for me. i work frd the city of san francisco for over fwun years and this is my second time being here so this is a special day for me. thank you for having us and thank you so much for your support and your love and caringness for the girls. we each have a base ball for you. girls if you have a base ball can you hand it to a supervisor please. >> are they autographed? >> they are autographed. >> thank you. >> on behalf of the san francisco bay socks i would like to say thank you for phil. you have such is innovative forward thinker for giving the okay to do this and not everyone would be okay with it but you said go for it from day
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one without batting a eye. you just said we got to do this and really applaud you for your efforts and how much it meant to me for you to say yes, so thank you so much. on behalf of the bay socks we have a base ball for all americans inaugural international tournament bat. i would like to say thank you to had parents. they really put their trust in letting their players and their daughters for not just one-it was interesting, the very first practice a couple parents didn't know how this was going to go. was it legit. what type of coaching was it going to be and the parents really saw that we were there for the right reasons and
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let their child go to to florida and gave their child that sense of independent. i think the girls along the way really learned a lut. i also cht to say thank you for the players for accepting this responsibility and the commitment of the last 4 months of coming to practice and being not only just coming to practice but trying their all and giving 100 percent and through our coaching and leadership the girls have created many friendships here and think they will be life long friends. not only that but they got to learn a lot about base ball. i'm hoping that this base ball program will continue and encourage more girls from san francisco to participate. not only that but especially the underserved communities recollect we would like to welcome all the girls
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from san francisco to participate. thank you again for having us, so much >> they think very much >> rock do you want to introduce the coaching staff and player squz we have certificate for all of them and then we'll take a picture >> great, thank you yes. okay thank you. we'll start with abbey claudios. great. loren cacro. let me tell you, there are people clapping, abbey pitched for us and played first base and she was onef thobest player frz the bay sock batting the third position. loren was
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a pitcher, center fielder, first baseman and our second batter in the line up and she moved the runners forward so we can score. the next on the list is megan grant. megern is one oaf our youngest on the team, she just turned laechb in january and we call her mega tron. she catches, pitches and plays first base and she is our 4th, 5th hital so she is a great player. they are all great. layla hen see. laylx s was the stud second baseman and didn't let anything get by lur. bionca higa. bionca was a second baseman and also a
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pitcher and our big game, the third place game she put 3-she pitched 3 scoreless inens with a jammed finger from the game before. great job bionca. dee monteverde. dee is the stud third baseman and i played third baseman as well so i'm hard on her. mar lynny is a 5th bet batter and she hit a double that scored in a couple big games. jacquie snideer. jacquie snideer is our right fielder and was a great player in the right field. over time the last 3 months she improved
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from the big inning of the practice to the last game. she came up big for us and she is a really sweet kid. thank you jacquie, it was a pleasure having you on the bay socks. leah kate roger. leah did everything for us. she was the pitcher, lefty pitcher, first baseman and out fielder and she battled on some great bats so it was a pleasure to have leah on the team too. ellie van deezen. ellie is a short stop and forth 5th hitter and she gave it her all every game in 95 degree heat and didn't miss
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a inning. great job. kirby wong. kirby is also a outfielder and she is from the saulf ball world about transferred into base ball and it was a pleasure to see her perform over the months and weeks we had her and she has done so well over the time and kirby helped lot not only the field but in the dug out. she kept everyone focused on and par. great job kirby. i have 2 unfortunately-cia bizony isn't feeling well today and odd reburn and cia was our catcher stud and first pitcher and short stop and she gave it her all 100 percent. sorry you couldn't meet her today. oddry burn is another special
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outfielder left fielder and i think out of the whole tornment and 7 games she played she only made 3 outs. she was on base every time other than though threes. pretty pretty awesome. spectacular athletes. now to my special coaching team. prin ses [inaudible] i chose prensis because of her demeana. coach alex and i was the bad cop and she was the good cop so when a player needed a arm around them she was there to help them along. adeli domenshs isn't here today, she has a huge dodge ball tournament but sends her love to the team. she misses you guys already. volunteer for the city of san
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francisco, alexander [inaudible] and the 2 boys. coach alex has played base ball since she was about 7 years old. she actually has played on a usa pan amgames and a gold and silver metalest from the pan amgames for usa. last but note least our manager, rocky hencely. rocky can not only play, she once play frd the colorado silver bullets, one of the countries most renowned women a base ball teams and played throughout her career but now she knows how to manage
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and teach and couch and guide and mentor and inspire and she did such an amazing job. the reason i didn't balt a eye when rocky anded if she cud put this together she normally does early childhood education program, is because you could see the twinkle in her eye and understood this came from a place of passion and heart and there was no question she was going to succeed and she did. >> thank you.
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>> ready, 1, 2, 3. 1, 2, 3. >> so one last thing, weped on
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behalf of bay socks we wanted to present the mayor this girls journey through base ball. this is a book, one of the parents has written and her daughter actually played this spring time with us with the bay socks and this is a journey from a young girl playing middle school base ball on oa boys teams and all the trials and tribialations and strength and weaknesses. i do want to say thank you to pamelaitate roger on behalf of the book.
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this is for the mayor and then we also have a pictureed autograph for phil and for the commissioners. >> thank you rocky. we'll make sure the mayor gets that. because of the [inaudible] he couldn't be with us this morning but we'll work to have you [inaudible] oneplore time and get air time with our sport fan and chief. he is the biggest sports fan in the city and second me to pass on how honored and thrilled by just how well you did >> thank you everyone. thanks bay socs >> >> before we conclude i want to recognize boston property and san francisco giants among others who with their generous support helped get the team [inaudible] i also want to thank the parents who stepped
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up. whether it was extra funding to make sure all the kids could go or guideants and supervise vision and support. the parents deserve a incredible round of applause for their effort. we are going to conclude the gm report with something unique. we always show a video of this month in parks and what happened in park in honor of the bay socs. we had espn do a little filming for us. if you can queue the lap top. >> sequence turn 13 the coach told me he didn't want me on the team and girls play soft ball and that is when i decide i won't quit. [inaudible] she is already broken down so many barrier jz proven girls can play the sport. she opened up so money door squz girls have
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nor opportunities than we used to. [inaudible] national tournament for girls is long long over due. there is nothing as empowering feeling you are no longer alone. i never see girls play because there no girls in texas. i have never seen so many girls playing baus ball ever. all the kids from 8-13 is awesome because they all believe inl themselves and each other and their dreams. [inaudible] this is not a new phenomenon. girls and women have played base ball since there beginning of base ball. when we played ball we did want know what we were doing, we were just happy to be on the dimands getting the opportunity to play. to this day every time i come out and watch these girls play ball and
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live my life through them and every time they make a error and feel for them because i did the same thing. i saw a girl make a play in the out field that would make the top 10 in espn. they are phenomenal. [inaudible] because you are a girl and not because of your talent, you start to internalize that and when i played i tend to play with the weight of the world. [inaudible] give you a drive and make you work harder because you want to show you can play base ball [inaudible] sometimes i get told i can't play baus ball but that makes you want to do more and be better than all the boys. once a team [inaudible] kept calling me girly bear and after that i struck out all 13 of their batters [inaudible] they say like, you [inaudible] they say
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girls can't play base ball it doesn't bother me. if they say girls can't play, then why am i playing base ball? i'm a big fan of coed base ball. i think when girls play with boys [inaudible] however i think we'll have more girls playing bausball. [inaudible] not every girl wants to play with the boys. they are disgusting. it is pretty fun because when we beat them the boys are like, man and the girls are really happy and we prove girm girls can be better than boys. girls are much better than boys. we hit faster [inaudible] and heard the boys say there is a girl on that time. darn right. and then i hit a home run and they are like, wow r girls can do that. it wasn't fun for us then they started crying
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[inaudible] these girls are good. they have heart and they have the skills and they have all the potential in the world. [inaudible] we are going to do 3 timeathize work the boys do just to prove we can play with them and i believe girls can make it to the [inaudible] they just keep working harder. this is my [inaudible] i want to make it to the mlb even if it isn't me i just want somebody to do that. [inaudible] my daughter assumed she can play base ball as long as she chooses to and she is choosing to play ball ball and loving it. justeen always says if you tell a girl she can't play bail base ball what else will she believe she can't do. [inaudible] 3 years i hope they
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never [inaudible] >> that concludes the general managers report >> thank you very much. >> is there public comment on this general managers report? being none public comment is closed. we are now >> thank you bay soxs. >> now going to item 4 general public comment up to 15 minutes. at this time the members of the public may address the commission to the public within the subject matter jurisdiction of the commission and do not appear on the agenda >> margaret let's give everyone a chance to exist. thank you everyone for coming and